Digital Marketing FAQs

Today, Digital Marketing is an essential component of any organisations Marketing Strategy. Hence more and more people are getting acquainted with the concept of Digital Marketing. During this process of learning about Digital Marketing, one frequently has a set of similar question. In an attempt to make this learning process as smooth as possible, I am trying to fix a list of 'Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)' of Digital Marketing.

Here is my effort to answer as many of the Frequently Asked Digital Marketing Questions in the simplest manner possible. I will try to answer each question adequately, in the simplest way and with a shortest possible answer. Wherever possible, I will try and provide links to in-depth blogs to the FAQs.

I will be updating this list bit by bit. Appreciate your patience while the work is in progress.... Meanwhile, let's start with the most basic 'Frequently Asked Question' of Digital Marketing.

1. What Is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing can be defined as the marketing & advertising efforts by an organisation/individual to reach the audience on their electronic devices using the Internet. It is also known as Internet Marketing or Online Marketing.