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Hi I'm Hrishikesh

I drive leads, increase sales and grow client's revenue for a living. All with the help of Digital Marketing.

Current Gig: Team Lead - Digital, Setu Advertising

Helping brands to Position, Promote & Generate Revenue with the help of well thought customized Digital Marketing Strategy, Creative Content & Effective Execution.

Hrishikesh Mulay

Previously: Team Lead PPC at Amura Marketing Tech.

Working for a leading Digital Marketing Agency has given me an opportunity to work alongside some brilliant people. Being a part of & observing these creative & analytical minds crack Digital Marketing Strategy for leading brands in the industry has helped me hone my skills as an all round 'Digital Marketing Professional' and not just a ppc expert.

With over 5 years of experience in Digital Marketing, I have worked on the brand side as well as in the agency setting. During which I have gained hands on experience in Paid Advertising (PPC), Social Media Marketing, SEO, Digital Marketing Strategy & Planning, Email Marketing & Analytics.

I have grown to trust in numbers & base my conclusions on the basis of these numbers. Further more, I describe myself as someone with a logical & solution-oriented approach towards problem solving, with occasional creative spurts to come up with crazy out of the box ideas.

Thinking Performance? Let's Talk!

Planning to start performance marketing campaign? Struggling with your on-going campaigns? Or simply want to brainstorm for ideas? Hit me up!

I will be glad to help you design, develop and execute integrated digital marketing campaigns across multiple digital channels.